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me + him
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

its been a week

so its been a week since he went to johor . he went for his LI . im pleased dat his doin fine there . he seem great this 1 week . but ill still be watching him

well at first , when i know he decided to go to johor he really piss me off . i was ' wu da hell are u doin man, i knw yr ex is there, you really wanna go there ? u wanna be with her or wut' . yaa i knw , im jealous as hell . but then i realise im holding him to tight . so i decided to let him be

so i ask him to promise me so many thing and he did . well he almost agreed . hahaha . so last monday he start his 1st day at work . i was so worried , but yet i didnt disturb him . i wait till he got home . then i text him and called him . i called him few times but he didnt answer . few hours later he tell me dat he was a asleep bcoz too tired . im pity at him , i feel sorry for disturbing him

even he is busy , he still spend time with me . we talk at least once a day . maigadd i miss him so much . really miss him . wont be seeing him during my sem break . maigadd i miss you man