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me + him
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yes he was my crush. Now? He become my partner

Its been almost a month since our third year anniversary. Alhamdulillah, we still counting together. There been several misunderstanding between both of us since my last post. But yet we manage to handle it. What I found interesting is he becoming more open toward me. He willing to express his feeling either he is mad or what. And the best part of all we never argue more then 12hours. We both can control and be patient. Im so lucky to have him

Well lately I love to do some memories flashback with him. Especially during school time. So many bad things we've done during school time

Well we mostly talk about our most precious memories such as how he proposed me, since when im having crush on him, bout all the things than ive done just to impress him, try to fulfill all his wishes, our 1st date, how we managed to keep our relay as secret for a month, how jealous I am when he talks to others, how impress I am to his intelligence, how happy I am to know him, how lucky iam to fall in love with my best friend

Well as a guys he forget most of it. So once in a while we will have a long conversation and I will tell him all of this. I really hope he will remember when I tell him many time because im afraid if anything happen and I forget about him. I want him to be able remind me to our memories and promises.

I really hope to love him always. I might cried cuz of him some time but he knows how to cheer me. No matter what he do I will support him. I love him, I really do.