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me + him
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

its been a week

so its been a week since he went to johor . he went for his LI . im pleased dat his doin fine there . he seem great this 1 week . but ill still be watching him

well at first , when i know he decided to go to johor he really piss me off . i was ' wu da hell are u doin man, i knw yr ex is there, you really wanna go there ? u wanna be with her or wut' . yaa i knw , im jealous as hell . but then i realise im holding him to tight . so i decided to let him be

so i ask him to promise me so many thing and he did . well he almost agreed . hahaha . so last monday he start his 1st day at work . i was so worried , but yet i didnt disturb him . i wait till he got home . then i text him and called him . i called him few times but he didnt answer . few hours later he tell me dat he was a asleep bcoz too tired . im pity at him , i feel sorry for disturbing him

even he is busy , he still spend time with me . we talk at least once a day . maigadd i miss him so much . really miss him . wont be seeing him during my sem break . maigadd i miss you man

Saturday, September 20, 2014

have some gut dude

i used to think that keeping old photos taken with ex are cute 
as it can be use to show to our next generation
but as i grown up
it started to seem useless , ridiculous and nonsense
the more I keep it , the more it burden me
It make me feel like I forgot him already
but the truth is not 100% deleted yet

so I google up on tips how to forget ex or make him vanished forever from memories

1st thing I learn is to delete his phone number
at 1st I think I dnt have to delete it cuz he maybe cntact me back
and im right cuz he really does look for me
after a short period I started to realize that this things aint got any progression
cuz everytime he look for me he knw I can recognize him
he might think im still waiting for him *hell no*
so started to deleted his phone number
when he call I pretend to not recognize his voice although I knw dat was his number
so he think I already forget him
it become more fun when he reduces his calls
at last im in peace

but that didn’t work 100% cuz I still keep all those photos with him
during google’ing’ those tips the 2nd steps is to deleted all softcopy photos and throw all the hardcopy
at 1st  I dnt really wanna do it cuz it make me feel “ahh rugi lahh all these memories got to throw”
so I decided to keep it for a while
after a while I feel like im not true enaf for sam
the situation is like I still hoping for my ex even I have him
so I took some guts and deleted those photos
for the hardcopy I didn’t throw it easily in the dustbin
but I decided to burn in
therefore I burn all those memories
and guess what
after all that I started to smile on my own and congratulate myself

3rd steps is to throw all the things he gave me
and I did without hesitation
he gave me his HR tshirt , a DOMO tshirt and a NIKE tshirt
I thrown the HR
the other 2 I didn’t do anything cuz I couldn’t find it
*due to my messy room*
but I swear ill throw it once I find it

so have some gut and do these thing
throw yr ex away

to mr. Ex *which I knw wont read this as he didn’t knw my blog*

to dear love , thanks to all yr love and affection , Im glad to knw you , cuz when im with you I become a better person . I love you for all that you are , all that you had been and all that you yet to be

Sunday, June 15, 2014

blog ni lahh tempat aku mencoret segala isi hati aku . blog ni lahh menjadi saksi airmata aku . peneman aku masa kecewa . masa takdak tempat nak mengadu , blog lahh tempat paling dekat nak dicapai . tp sejak ada pesbuk , wechat aku dh tak sentuh pun blog . kesian blog aku . kalaulaa dia hidup msti dia kecewa dgn aku . maafkan aku blog . in sha allah lps ni aku kerap kerap update apapa kat sini oke . aku bukan apa , aku malas nak bukak lappy :) nak tulih kat tab tak syiok , tak feel nak taip laju2 cm slalu .

Saturday, June 14, 2014

2 tahun 3 bulan 1 hari

harini genap 2 tahun 3 bulan 1 hari
and harini jugak dia kata dia tawaq hati dgn aku
salah aku ka ya allah
salah aku ka
teruk sngt ka perangai aku ni
sampai dia tak tahan dgn aku
ya allah
bahagiakanlah dia
walau bukan dgn aku ya allah
aku rela apa saja demi kebahagiaan dia

setelah dua tahun bersama
cukup la dia terseksa dgn aku ya allah
kurniakan lah dia kebahagiaan
biar aku yg tanggung segala duka ni ya allah
aku cuma mahukan yg terbaik buat dia

buat abang, 

abang , maafkan ayg . ayg bukan terbaik utk abg . abg , ayg rela kalau abg dh tawar hati dgn ayg . ayg rela abg cari yg lain . cari lah yg lagi baik dr ayg . ayg nak tgk abg bahagia . maafkan ayg sb ayg selalu buat abg sakit hati , selalu buat abg marah . abg , ayg taktau abg nk buat surprise kt ayg . ayg ingt nk pegi tesco dgn wann tuu sb nak ajak dia teman ayg . ayg tak sehat abg . ayg demam . sb tu ayg tak nak pegi mna sorg2 . ayg tkot apapa jd kt ayg nt susah . lg pun mak tau ayg nak pi kat wann ja . ayg mintak maaf abg . maafkan ayg sb dh buat abg marah . semoga abg sentiasa happy . bukan niat ayg nak mengalah dan lepaskan abg pd org lain . cuma ayg rsa klau kehadiran ayg dlm hidup abg tak membahagiakan abg , baiklah ayg beri abg peluang utk bersama dgn org yg lebih layak kan . ayg bukan mengalah abg . cuma ayg nk abg bahagia . ayg pernah kata kan , klau demi kebahagiaan abg ayg rela buat apa saja . abg , ayg syg sngt hubungan kita ni . sb dgn abg ayg boleh jd diri ayg . abg lyn ayg baik sgt selama ni . abg hiburkan ayg . abg bahagiakan ayg . abg tau tak , tgk abg tidur lena pun ayg dh cukup bahagia . abg , abg dh cukup bahagiakan ayg dh abg . abg bahagiakan diri abg pulak laa . jgn fikir ayg ja . ayg boleh jaga dri ayg . abg buat lah apa yg terbaik utk diri abg . andai abg dh jumpa pengganti diri ayg . bgtau lah ayg dgn cra yg ayg dh tetap kan tuu . in sha allah ayg sanggup terima apa saja demi kebahagiaan abg . 

                                                                                salam sayang dari ayang