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me + him
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Friday, April 20, 2012


bila lha na boley hangout lg . 
best lorh hangout hr tuh .
tgk wrath of titans
gempak ahh ctew tue .
eventhough trang tang tang fiksyen tp mmg best ahh .
tnganga ah lyn ctew tuh .
lps abes tue g mkn at k4 plakk
then tros g tusenn .
ltey mmg ltey tp mmg totally superb ahh
thanks yerr sudi abes kan masa dengan saya wahai brother bear .

hamoii hamoii anak dara nih . kua dri 9 pg 10.30 mlm baru blek uma ekk .

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I really miss you sweetheart ....

Miss you ... without you everything is more complicated. I miss being with you, our conversations, our jokes, our moments full of love. Without you I'm boring and my life is without color. I can not be the same person without you. Because you are my happiness, my life, my everything ... I can not live without you. Many people talk, give opinions... Some consider that the distance is the enemy of love. They say that love wears away. But this is not true at least for us where love is stronger than distance. Regardless of the time that we are far i never will stop loving you because our love is true and strong and because what i feel for you i never felt before and never will feel. You are my only love. The one. Every day i love you more and more and more and i know that we will pass all tests, all obstacles, all bad times and all bad people and we will be together. And whatever happen i never will leave you and stop love you because it is impossible. I can't see my life without you anymore. My life is you ... my big love. And you are so perfect... so wonderful. You changed my life, you made it full of color with your love. You showed me what is love someone and be loved. You showed me the most beautiful side of life. Now i am seeing and feeling a bad side, be without you. I really miss you so much. I do more and more things and look at the clock and the hours seem months. Sometimes seems that hours stop. I pray for time fly and be with you again but it seems go so slow and it make me cry. Ohh i can't wait for be with you again. Need say that I love you. Need know if you are good. Need send my goodnight kiss. Need your sweet words. Need laught with your jokes. I need you... so much. I love you so, so much

dear sweetheart , please forgive me . i ta boley hidup la u uat i cm nih . tak tenteram hati i tau ta